Body Image Issues

I’m OK with Not Being Perfect

Every person is different and that’s what makes them unique and actually perfect in themselves.

The concept of perfection has become so flawed and yet so rampant that many of us have started comparing ourselves to everyone on social media. There are many aspects of comparison but comparing the shape and size of bodies is the most common. Daily we look enviously at models, skinny moms, actresses and even at our neighborhood lady. While comparing, we forget that everybody not only has different body types but also completely different lifestyles and priorities. This is where Body Positivity comes in.

Body Positivity Articles
It’s human nature to compare and proliferation of social media has made it very easy. Isn’t it funny how many of us end up losing our mental peace for something that is not even worth it most of the times? There’s no smartness in valuing your body over your being.

I was never skinny but never fat either. By the time I entered late thirties, I started seeing changes in my body. I gained weight easily and didn’t seem to lose it easily. Then I got pregnant and put on another 10 kilograms. I lost it all within two months of delivery but didn’t lose many inches and soon after, I started gaining weight again.
I started walking and some exercise but couldn’t get regular thanks to mommy duties. We live in a nuclear setup and don’t have full time maids which meant that I couldn’t find time for my own health. Rather than going crazy, I decided to look at Body Positivity. A good thing I have started during this time is intermittent fasting which helps even though I end up eating sweets quite often. The guilt creeps up but still self-control isn’t my forte. Who can I blame then?

body positivity
Rather than wanting a toned body without doing much about it, I have started to take things as they come. I feel good now that I have decided to take things as they come, I’ve become more confident.

You might say that you are doing everything and still very far from your ideal weight; it can just be your body type or maybe you need a little more time. The plan should be to never give up on yourself. Fat or thin, you need to love yourself. It’s not that I don’t want to lose 10 kgs but I have accepted that it will take some time. Till then, I try to pose in flattering angles and embrace Body Positivity 😛
I’m okay with not being perfect
‘Cause that’s perfect to me
‘Cause that’s perfect to me
‘Cause that’s perfect to me

Do you also feel that awareness about Body Positivity is important?

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Unscented, Thick and Biodegradable- Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes Are the Best

The first thing that got me interested in Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes was the ‘99% Pure Water’ claim. I mean what can be gentler!]

mother sparsh baby water wipes review (1)

I have been using baby wipes since Idhaya was born and have tried many brands. Some worked fine while others failed. A few days back, I received Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes and have been amazed by the quality. Read on to find out more.

mother sparsh baby water wipes review (2)

Brand Claims-

  1. Unscented/Fragrance free baby water wipes
  2. Medical-Grade Fabric – This cottony cloth/fabric makes these baby wipes gentle to the most sensitive parts of the baby.
  3. Extra thick fabric (3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes) – plant made / derived from plant pulp
  4. Sensitive skin/extra gentle baby wipes
  5. Suitable for hand and mouth cleaning
  6. Moisture lock lid
  7. 99% water wipes
  8. Mother Sparsh water wipes do your bit for the environment – natural and 100% Biodegradable Wipes


Purified water, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Sodium Benzoate, Xylitylglucoside Anhydroxylitol Xylitol ( Glucose Vegetable Origin Wheat), Calendula Extract, Citric Acid


Price- INR 299/- for a pack of 72 wipes


Mother Sparsh Wipes come in a regular packet with a Moisture Lock Lid rather than just a sticker closure. The lid keeps wipes wet for a long time.

mother sparsh baby water wipes review (3)

My Opinion about Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

The wipes are really very wet and the fabric is 3 times thicker than ordinary wipes. Both these qualities mean that they do their job of cleaning perfectly. Being so thick, the wipes are really soft and don’t rub harshly against soft baby-skin. The cloth used to make the wipes is medical grade which is a big plus. Idhaya didn’t get any kind of rashes with these wipes.


The best part is that the wipes are 100% biodegradable which makes them environment friendly. The combination of plant derived fabric and pure water makes these wipes very gentle. Another good thing about Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes is that there is no scent at all. These Unscented Wipes are so soothing and you immediately feel that there is no way that such a thing can harm your little one.

mother sparsh baby water wipes review (4)

These wipes are free from Parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, chlorine, dyes and triclosan too. Such high standards mean that these wipes are safe to be used on face and hands too.

One more point that I would like to mention is that these are the biggest baby wipes I have used.


Everything about Mother Sparsh Wipes has been designed thinking about what we mothers want for our kids. I feel that Mother Sparsh Wipes are gold standard of wipes. No fear of skin allergies and rashes, very wet, free from harmful chemicals, big and super thick, environment friendly and unscented. What’s not to love?


It’s unbelievable that such good wipes are available at a really affordable price. There’s no way that you would want to use any other baby wipes once you try Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.

These wipes are available on Amazon, First Cry and Flipkart.

mother sparsh baby water wipes review (5)

What I Like About Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

99% Pure Water

Very wet

Super thick and big

Very soft

Do not cause rashes and allergies

Made Using medical grade cloth

Safe for face, hands and obviously baby’s bottom


Free from parabens, alcohol and other harmful chemicals

Made with plant derived fabric

100% Biodegradable

Flip top lid which makes wipes stay wet for a long time

Pocket friendly

What I Don’t Like About Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Honestly, there is nothing to dislike. These wipes are perfect.

My Rating- 5/5

Do I recommend? – Obviously yes! Not because, I got a pack for free but only because Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are really very good.

Have you used Mother Sparsh Wipes? What do you think about them?

baby girl winter outfits

Baby Girl Fashion- How to Style A Pullover in 4 Ways Featuring Cherry Crumble California

Baby and Toddler fashion is in its best phase right now. There is so much variety in Baby Girl Fashion that I want to be a kid again. In my childhood days, there were very limited and kiddish option for kids’ fashion but now as everyone has become fashion-savvy, there is so much to choose from. When shopping for Idhaya, I look for good quality and versatile pieces. I for one don’t like to spend too much on her clothing and would rather buy two high quality pieces rather than five of average quality. It also makes sense to spend mindfully in this regard because children change sizes quickly. It’s better to save that money for more important things especially if you are on a budget like me.

Winter wear clothes are used for 3-4 months at max so better buy less and good. For beautiful designs at reasonable prices, Cherry Crumble California is a very good option. They make clothes that make your kids look incredibly stylish. The brand sent me a sweater from their Christmas collection and I loved it so much that I decided to create different Baby Girl Fashion looks with it. Check them out and get inspired for dressing up your little missy-

1.Cute Chic

baby girl fashion trends

There is no one who can carry leggings better than little girls. Take advantage of the fact and style the cute pullover with colourful leggings. Depending on the style of leggings, this Baby Girl Fashion look can be casual or formal. Idhaya is wearing Mary-janes here but you can finish the look with sneakers too.


baby girl winter wear

In a versatile wardrobe like my daughter’s, a classic denim skirt is a must. For a really classy and stylish look, pair a denim skirt with the Cherry Crumble pullover. Add in a pair of tights and shiny bellies and your girl is ready to step out in style. This is my favourite Baby Girl Fashion look for winter parties.


baby girl winter fashion

If the sweater is a little big, it can double up as a dress and this is exactly what I have done here. When you are in a hurry yet want your sweetheart to look all dressed-up, this sweater by Cherry Crumble California will add pizzaz to the look. Idhaya is wearing the pom-pom sweater with black tights and high-top sneakers.


baby girl fashion

A pair of denims is another essential and goes perfectly with pullovers. Idhaya is rocking jeggings with her Cherry Crumble California Sweater to create a casual winter-fashion look. When it’s really cold, nothing works better than jeans and this Baby Girl Fashion style is easy to put together.

As the weather gets colder, layer any of these looks with a jacket to keep your little diva warm and chic.

Cherry Crumble California is all about American fashion that’s the enemy of ordinary. You’ll find exclusive prints, premium fabrics, effortless cuts and surprising details in their collection. Check them out on or shop their collection from First Cry, Myntra, Jabong, Tata Cliq, Flipkart and Amazon.

Which of these Baby Girl Fashion Looks did you like the most?

Rent toys and books in India

The Best Toys and Books Renting Subscription in India, Rentoys Review

I decided to write regularly but again got stuck. Now, I am breaking my hiatus from blogging with something I and especially Idhaya enjoyed a lot. It’s a toys and books renting service that delivers all over India- Rentoys.

As much as I like to buy new toys and books for Idhaya, I can’t always do it. The main reasons are the cost and the clutter at home. Add to this the fact that like every kid, Idhaya gets bored of things very fast so many times an expensive toy seems like a waste of money.

rentoys india review

Rentoys has solved all these problems. They have toys and books for every age group of kids from zero to twelve years olds. As of now, they have the following subscription plans-

Toy Box- The rent for ‘Big Box’ starts from INR 1499/- and for ‘Small Box’, it starts from INR 849/-. The big box carries 4-5 toys of your choice worth INR 10,000 and the small one has 1-3 toys worth INR 5,000.

Book Box- It costs INR 749 per month and carries 5 books of your choice.

You can get the boxes at discount if you subscribe for three months plan. Another way to get 15% discount is to use my code- TRMM on Rentoys Website

All you have to do is subscribe, pick age appropriate stuff and add it to your wish list. Once you subscribe, they pick available toys from your wish-list, add it to your box and send you an email for confirming the same. If you want a change, they make it and ship the box to you.

There is no security deposit if you are paying through credit card and very nominal deposit if you choose any other payment method.

toy rental india

My Experience with Rentoys-

The ordering process is simple and easy. They even connect you with a Customer Relationship Manager who keeps you updated via WhatsApp. My box was delivered promptly and the toys were shrink-wrapped and packed in a sturdy plastic box.

I got 3 toys and all of them were clean and in very good condition. The toys I ordered were- Hape Walk-A-Long Snail, Fisher Price Feelings Monster, Hape Double Bubble.

The company suggests giving 1 toy per week to the baby but I gave 3 in 3 days itself as Idhaya gets bored easily. The toys I chose are being loved by Idhaya and she plays with them daily. She’s learning to sort the shapes which is making me elated.

toy renting india

Each toy is cleaned and sanitized before sending to the next customer. If you have more than one kid, you can choose a mix of toys and books for different age groups.

Rentoys Toys and Books Subscription Service has a special section for Montessori toys too so you can pick something specific as well.

If your little one isn’t done with the toys, you can keep them for more than a month by paying the rent for the next one.

To sum it up, I have become a fan of Rentoys and will keep ordering new toys for Idhaya. If you also want to save time and space, head to Rentoys now. Don’t forget to use my discount code TRMM while checking out to get 15% off on any box.

Click on the image and subscribe now-


Have you tried a toy renting service? How was your experience?

world menstrual hygiene day 28 may

From Cloth to Cloth Pads- My Menstrual Hygiene Learning Curve

This World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th), our endeavour is to break the taboo that engulfs this natural phenomenon that is the basis of very existence of human life on earth. This post is a part of a Blog Train hosted by Anupriya of where 14 wonderful ladies (including yours truly) have stepped forward to express themselves this #MenstrualHygieneDay and stress on the fact that there are #NoMoreLimits for a woman. I would like to thank Yogita from for introducing me. Yogita is a wonderful poetess who has intended to bring smile on people’s faces.

Menstruation is a taboo subject in many Indian households and my house was no different. My mom never told me or my sister anything about it. Thankfully, I found an article about it in a magazine and asked mom but she was reluctant to talk about it.

world menstrual hygiene day

And then the day came when I was about 14 years old. I got my period and very shyly told mommy about it. Then I was introduced to a combination of cloth and pads to get me through those 5 days. Luckily mommy didn’t believe in washing those clothes and we just threw them.

Better quality pads were considered expensive so I carried on like that for almost 9 years and then I got a job. I immediately switched to Ultra pads and have been using them since.

Now there are many other options available for menstrual hygiene. I have always been scared of tampons so when eco-friendly menstrual cups arrived in the scene, I was wary and have not been able to convince myself to use them.

Cloth pads are also available easily which are again better for our environment but the question is of washing. I am considering using them though or at least give them a try on the days when I know that I will find time to wash them.

world menstruation day

The other Menstrual Hygiene steps that I follow are washing hands with soap every time I go to pee. I change my pad every four to five hours and wash my vaginal area with water often. Once a day I use a vaginal wash like any other day.

This World Menstrual Hygiene Day, I just intend to keep following the simple steps I use already and am gonna get myself cloth pads.

So, this is what I have learnt in so many years and have chosen what suits me. What do you do for menstrual hygiene?

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Neha Mani Mishra of . Neha is a full time mom to a three year old girl. She shares many useful tips to help fellow mommies on her blog. Head to her blog to read the next post in this Blog Train.

But wait there’s more! You stand a chance to win a DEA Corp Menstrual Cup worth Rs. 2500/-. You just have to visit and leave a comment about your #NoMoreLimits experience.

What Is In My Toddler Survival Kit?

Have you ever heard of such a thing before? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but the point is that all toddler-moms have a survival kit which is essential to keep them sane especially when they are out of the house. For me, I can manage at home but as soon as I am out, I need to be sure that I have some essentials with me. It doesn’t matter whether I am going out for a few hours or for a few days.

My Toddler-survival kit is made of my diaper bag. Now let’s take a sneak peek at the contents. Diapers don’t count as the bag isn’t call a ‘diaper’ bag for no reason. Here’s what I have to carry when I Travel With Toddler-

1. Baby Carrier

Babywearing is my thing and it’s essential for me and Idhaya whether at home or out and about. I love my Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier to the core and I am sure that even though she can’t speak yet, Idhaya loves it too. If I am going out alone, carrier is the most important thing for me.

travel with toddlers

Even if I am going out with the husband, Soul Baby Carrier is a must. We both take turns in carrying her if we have to walk a lot and carrying a baby in Soul Full Buckle is easy. It saves a lot of trouble and we get to enjoy our outings when we Travel With Toddler.

2. Wet Wipes

travel with a baby

Ask any mom and she will tell you that she has at least one pack of wet-wipes in her bag. These little things come handy whether Idhaya spits food, pukes in the car, gets dirt all over herself and obviously when she poops.

3.Extra Clothes

travel with toddlers blog

And socks. For the reasons mentioned above, I have to carry at least one pair of fresh clothes for my little monster. You never know what catastrophe is in the making by these innocent little ones. I would suggest taking two extra sets of clothes when you Travel With Toddlers.

4. Food and Water

travel with toddlers

Even if you are OK with giving outside food to your little one like me, you need to carry some snacks and sometimes even a full-fledged meal. Hunger strikes these little tornadoes at odd times and a parent has got to be ready. Water has to be carried for obvious reasons.


what's in my toddler survival kit

Mind You, it cannot be any toy rather a toy she hasn’t seen in in the last one month or so otherwise there is no chance for it to succeed in the throes of tantrums. So, I carry 1-2 toys that she likes but have been kept away for just the moments of need. It helps a lot in Travel With Toddler as they get occupied. Sometimes, a break of 10 minutes is all you need.

What do you carry when you Travel With Toddler?

Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier Review

It’s been more than 7 months since I jumped on to the Babywearing band wagon and the ride has been amazing. I and Idhaya enjoyed the experience from the very first time. Babywearing has got me through long walks, work-from-home and even household chores. It’s just me and baby at home throughout the day so it’s natural for her to get clingy but thanks to Babywearing, I have sailed through.

soulslings full buckle baby carrier review

Here, I am not only reviewing the much loved Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier but will also be sharing tidbits of my Babywearing experience. Let me clarify that the carrier was sent by the brand for review but be assured that you will be given a completely honest opinion.

What Soul Says about their Full Buckle (Standard) SSC

Weight recommendation : 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx
Seat width : 15.5 inches
Body panel height :17 inches
Fibre : Pure 100% cotton, plain weave.
Adjustments :2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps
Tested for :ASTM F2236

Soul Slings Full Buckles are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable baby carriers. Made completely out of 100% natural fibres, they are ideal for all climates. These highly adjustable carriers fit users ranging from petite to ‘plus sizes’! Buckles make them quick and hassle-free. These are sturdy soft structured carriers (SSC) that have been designed to carry your baby in an ergonomic and natural position. They distribute the weight of the baby evenly on your own body, and can be worn in front and back carries.

Price- INR 5,750/-

My Review of Soul Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier

The variant I got is ‘Heal’. It’s bright orange with red accents. I got this one because it pops beautifully against my mostly pastel wardrobe. There are many more beautiful colours to choose from.

soul slings review

This Soul SSC can be used for both front and back carry. I prefer front carrying and it helps that my daughter is quite light which means not much strain on back. I wear her on back only when I have to to something in kitchen but yes nothing involving tempering or other potentially hazardous things.

Idhaya is one year old and is always at complete ease while being worn in Soul Full Buckle Standard. I will any day prefer full buckles to any other kind of carriers because these are so easy to be worn. Wearing baby in front carry takes just about a minute once all the straps are adjusted to your size. You won’t need anyone’s help in wearing your baby.

soul slings carrier review

Soul Slings Full Buckle (Standard) gives complete support to my weak back and I have walked almost 2 kilometers in one go while wearing Idhaya in it. The carrier is not only beautiful but is also very sturdy. The shoulder straps have 3-way adjustments for ease of use and are well padded for your comfort. Even the waistband is well padded and is broad enough for good support. Despite all the padding, Soul Slings Full Buckle Baby Carrier is quite light in weight.

Soul slings baby carrier review
Thick shoulder pads and 3-way adjustable shoulder straps

The Soul SSC is made of 100% breathable cotton so my girl doesn’t feel hot in it. The thigh pads keep her even cosier. Idhaya sits in the optimum M-position in this carrier and gets knee-to-knee coverage easily. The carrier is big enough so even older kids will be snug and in ergonomic position.

The Soul Slings Full Buckle Baby Carrier has an attached hood which can be used to protect the baby from sun, wind and light drizzle. It’s also intended to be useful while breastfeeding though I haven’t tried it that way. The hood though useful is not the easiest to use or maybe I am doing it wrong. Except this little drawback, I can’t find another fault in this sleek and stylish baby carrier.

soul slings baby carrier

Soul Slings Full Buckle SSC comes with a detailed User Manual that has pictorials on how to carry your baby and other important instructions. You can also check out Soul’s YouTube channel for video tutorials about Baby Wearing.

I find this Soul Baby Carrier to be safe, stylish and a complete value for money product. If you love Babywearing, you will love it more with this carrier and if you want to start wearing your little one, Soul Slings Full Buckle Carrier is an ideal choice. They have many other varieties of baby carriers and cute products for you and baby. I totally recommend checking out their website-

Do you also enjoy Babywearing? I would love to know your experience.