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Hi there!

Here’s The Reluctant Mom18, social media professional turned stay-at-home mom and no I’am not eighteen! 18 is my daughter’s birth date and also the year of starting this blog. I am mommy to Baby I who will turn one in March this year. I live in India and am here to share my perspective on motherhood.

Not all mothers are overwhelmed with happiness when they find out about being pregnant; some like me are a little distinct who can’t digest the feeling even with litres of Digene. We love our babies to bits but our thought processes are somewhat different and yes, we don’t necessarily suffer from PPD. I don’t.

On TRM18 (sounds like the name of a Star Wars robot), I share my own slightly offbeat viewpoint on mommyhood along with the regular mommy blogger things.

I am not one of those super rich bloggers who have picture perfect homes, dress their kids in branded clothes and stay in high-end hotels during vacations etc. so expect a simpler take on things.

Please support and enjoy!


The Reluctant Mom

(Maitri Verma)

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